About PJ Library


PJ Library in South Africa is a programme of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, implemented in partnership with the South African Board of Jewish Education. In Cape Town, the program is carried out in collaboration with the United Herzlia Schools. The award-winning books celebrate Jewish culture, values and traditions through a wide range of stories and beautiful illustrations.

This programme is aimed at children from 3 to 8 years old from the participating schools and communities in South Africa. The values ​​and traditions that are addressed in the books allow children to engage in conversations about Jewish issues, both at home and in educational and community spaces.

Today over 3,000 families in South Africa benefit from the generosity of the organisations that support this program - the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, South African Board of Jewish Education, the United Herzlia Schools , Moshal Family Foundation, Glatt Family Foundation and the Sassoon Foundation.

PJ Library in South Africa is offered in loving memory of Daniella Moffson – a proud Jew with a deep love for and commitment to Judaism, children and chesed.